IoT courses

IoT Courses #

For users who wants to gain knowledge on IoT in a step-by-step lecture mode, we have defined the following curriculum with materials from both existing sources and specific materials produced by EU H2020 WAZIUP/WAZIHUB project.

As we believe it is important to provide real-world IoT scenario, we provide in Developing, Testing & Deploying section many tutorials on real deployments taken from various international projects.

«Fundamentals of IoT» #

F-IOT-1a: What is IoT ? #

F-IOT-1b: Introduction to Basic Electronics #

F-IOT-2: IoT ecosystem and hardware #

F-IOT-3: Introduction to Arduino IDE #

F-IOT-4: Low-cost & open source IoT technologies #

«Developing, Testing & Deploying» #

D-GW: Getting started with DIY Low-Cost IoT Gateway #

D-IOT: Getting started with DIY Low-Cost IoT Device #

«Fundamentals of AI» #

«Developing with AI frameworks» #

«Advanced understanding» #

«The WAZIUP e.V. IoT ecosystem» #


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