WaziCloud #

WaziGate is an IoT LoRa Gateway developed by WAZIUP e.V. organization. It builds on the expertise of developing IoT sensors and gateways from both EU H2020 WAZIUP & WAZIHUB projects.

WaziGate implements the edge-enabled IoT gateway approach where the gateway can easily work without Internet connectivity as data are available to end-users in an embedded database with an advanced web-based visualization module providing an elaborated graphical user interface for the embedded dashboard. In addition, customized applications can be directly hosted on the gateway.


Synching WaziGate to WaziCloud #

It is easy to sync an Edge WaziGate to the WaziCloud.


Look at the following tutorial to register your WaziGate on WaziCloud to benefit from a cloud architecture: remote access to your data, remote maintenance of your gateway, …

Latest information on WaziCloud #

You can find the complete documentation on WaziCloud here.


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