LoRa device

LoRa device #

In the context of the EU H2020 WAZIUP & WAZIHUB projects, we developed a low-cost LoRa framework LowCostLoRaGw to build both generic IoT devices that can be specialized for specific sensing applications and low-cost LoRa gateways. Our approach does not have all features of LoRaWAN but targets small/medium deployment scenarios and is designed to be more adapted to IoT deployment in rural and isolated areas. Efficient low-power management enables end-devices built from off-the-shelves components to run several years on regular AA batteries.


IoT courses and resources #

We developped a complete curriculum on Internet-of-Thing (IoT) and LoRa technologies for the beginners. Look at the IoT courses. There are also several resources and tutorials on our low-cost LoRa framework for more detailed informations

Videos #

Here are 2 embedded videos from our YouTube channel. The first one shows how to build an end-device with an Arduino ProMini and a LoRa module. The second one deals with the gateway part with a Raspberry PI. There are more videos available, they will be shown in the Arduino LoRa demo sensor and Arduino LoRa simple temp sections.


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