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  1. Miscellanous
  2. TCP Optimization and Tuning
  3. TCP: Parallel streams
  4. TCP studies, performances
  5. New TCP versions for fat long pipes
  6. TCP Westwood, Wireless
  7. TCP Vegas
  8. TCP on variable bandwidth environments
  9. Congestion Control (theory)
  10. Congestion Control (TCP, protocols)
  11. AQM & Buffers
  12. Bandwidth Allocation
  13. Transport protocols and congestion control in wireless sensor networks
  14. Links to other TCP related web pages


Effect of Malicious Traffic on the Network
Kunchan Lan, Alefiya Hussain, Debojyoti Dutta

Stream Control Transmission Protocol: The design of a new reliable transport protocol for IP networks
Iván Arias Rodríguez

The NewReno Modification to TCP’s Fast Recovery Algorithm (RFC 3782)

An Introduction to the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) (RFC 3286)

Performance Enhancing Proxies Intended to Mitigate Link-Related Degradations (RFC 3135)

Stream Control Transmission Protocol (RFC 2960)

The Temporal and Topological Characteristics of BGP Path Changes
Di-Fa Chang, Ramesh Govindan, John Heidemann

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TCP Optimization and Tuning

A TCP Tuning Daemon
Tom Dunigan, Matt Mathis, Brian Tierney
SC 2002

Automatic Specialization of Protocol Stacks in Operating System Kernels
Sapan Bhatia, Charles Consel, Anne-Francoise Le Meur, Calton Pu
LCN 04

See Tom Dunigan web pages on TCP auto-tuning

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TCP: parallel streams

See Tom Dunigan web pages on Parallel TCP

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TCP studies, performances, modeling

Behavior of TCP-like elastic trafic at a buffered bottleneck router
Hans-Peter Schwefel
Infocom 2001

TCP Behavior with Many Flows
Robert Morris

Modeling TCP Throughput: A Simple Model and its Empirical Validation
Jitendra Padhye et al.

Microscopic Examination of TCP flows over trans-atlantic Links
A. Antony et al.
FGCS 2003

Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Westwood+, New Reno, and Vegas TCP Congestion Control
Luigi A. Grieco and Saverio Mascolo

TCP Startup Performance in Large Bandwidth Delay Networks
Ren Wang, Giovanni Pau, Kenshin Yamada, M.Y. Sanadidi, and Mario Gerla
Infocom 2004

The End-to-End Performance Effects of Parallel TCP Sockets on a Lossy Wide-Area Network
Thomas J. Hacker, Brian D. Athey, Brian Noble
IPDPS 2001

Closed Loop Analysis of the Bottleneck Buffer under Adaptive Window Controlled Transfer of HTTP-Like Traffic
Arzad A. Kherani, Anurag Kumar

Effect of Large Buffers on TCP Queueing Behavior

Jinsheng Sun, Moshe Zukerman, King-Tim Ko, Guanrong Chen and Sammy Chan
Infocom 2004

TCP Throughput Analysis under Transmission Error and Congestion Losses
Francois Baccelli and  Ki Baek Kim

Exact Sampling of TCP Window States
Ashish Goel, Michael Mitzenmacher

Understanding XCP: Equilibrium and Fairness
Steven H. Low , Lachlan L. H. Andrew, Bartek P. Wydrowski
Infocom 2005

TCP congestion avoidance: A network calculus interpretation and performance inprovements
Mingyu Chen, Jinsong Zhang, Manohar Murthy, Kamal Premaratne
Infocom 2005

Modelling and Stability of FAST TCP
Jiantao Wang, Xiaoliang Wei, Steven Low
Infocom 2005

See the TCP performance and issues web page from T. Ferrari

See the TCP modeling and related topics web page from Padhye

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New TCP versions for fat long pipes

Binary Increase Congestion Control (BIC) for Fast Long-Distance Networks
Lisong Xu, Khaled Harfoush, and Injong Rhee
Infocom 2004

SABUL: A High Performance Data Transfer Protocol
Yunhong Gu,  Xinwei Hong,  Marco Mazzucco, and Robert Grossman

FAST TCP: Motivation, Architecture, Algorithms, and Performance
Cheng Jin, David Wei, Steven Low

Congestion Control for High Bandwidth Delay Product Networks (XCP)
Dina Katabi, Mark Handley, Charlie Rohrs

An Implementation and Experimental Study of the eXplicit Control Protocol (XCP)
Yongguang Zhang, Thomas Henderson
Infocom 2005

Understanding XCP: Equilibrium and Fairness
S. H. Low, L. Andrew, B. Wydrowsk
Infocom 2005

Scalable TCP: Improving performances in high speed wide area networks

Tom Kelly
Also in ACM Computer Communications Review, April 2003.

Evaluation of Advanced TCP Stacks on Fast Long-Distance Production Networks
Hadrien Bullot, R. Les Cottrell, and Richard Hughes-Jones
PFLDNet 2003.
Also in Journal of Grid Computing Vol 1(4). Dec 2003

HighSpeed TCP for Large Congestion Windows (RFC 3649)

Scalable Performance Signalling and Congestion Avoidance (CADPC/PTP)
Michael Welzl
Kluwer Academic Publishers, August 2003, ISBN 1-4020-7570-7

See also all papers in PFLDNet, Workshop on Protocols for Fast Long Distance Networks
PFLDNet 2003, PFLDNet 2004, PFLDNet 2005

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TCP Westwood, wireless

TCP Bulk Repeat
G. Yang, R. Wang, M. Gerla and M. Y. Sanadidi
Computer Communications Journal (Elsevier), V. 28, I. 5, 2005

CLAMP: A System to Enhance the Performance of Wireless Access Networks
Lachlan L. H. Andrew, Stephen V. Hanly and Rami G. Mukhtar
GlobeCom 2003

TCPW with Bulk Repeat in Next Generation Wireless Networks
G. Yang, R. Wang, M. Y. Sanadidi and M. Gerla
38th IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2003), Anchorage, Alaska, 2003

Using Adaptive Rate Estimation to Provide Enhanced and Robust Transport over Heterogeneous Networks

Ren Wang, Massimo Valla, M.Y. Sanadidi, and Mario Gerla
ICNP 2002

Flow Aggregation for Enhanced TCP over Wide-Area Wireless
Rajiv Chakravorty, Sachin Katti, Jon Crowcroft, Ian Pratt

Improving TCP Congestion Control over Internets with Heterogeneous Transmission Media
Christina Parsa and J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves

A Survey of TCP Performance on Wireless Links
Brooke Shrader

Adaptive Bandwidth Share Estimation in TCP Westwood
Ren Wang, Massimo Valla, M.Y. Sanadidi, and Mario Gerla
Globecom 2002

Enhancing TCP Performance in Networks with Small Buffers
Ashu Razdan, Alok Nandan, Ren Wang, Medy Sanadidi and Mario Gerla
ICCCN 2002

TCP Westwood: Congestion Window Control Using Bandwidth Estimation
Mario Gerla, M. Y. Sanadidi, Ren Wang, and Andrea Zanella
Globlecom 2001

TCP Westwood: Bandwidth Estimation for Enhanced Transport over Wireless Links
Saverio Mascolo, Claudio Casetti, Mario Gerla, M. Y. Sanadidi, and Ren Wang
MobiCom 2001

An Analytical Study of a Tradeoff Between Transmission Power and FEC for TCP Optimization in Wireless Networks
Laura Galluccio, Giacomo Morabito, Sergio Palazzo

See the TCP Westwood web page

Research on modeling wireless links for evaluating performance of transport protocols (ISI, Berkeley)

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TCP Vegas

See the TCP Vegas section of Tom Dunigan web pages

TCP on variable bandwidth environments

Packet Pair Bandwidth Estimation: Stochastic Analysis of a Single Congested Node
S. Kang, X. Liu, M. Dai, D. Loguinov

ICNP 2004

Performance of TCP/IP over ABR on ATM Networks
Shiv Kalyanaraman, Raj Jain, Sonia Fahmy, Rohit Goyal, Fang Lu and Saragur Srinidhi
Proceedings of IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (Globecom'96)

Performance of TCP over ABR on ATM backbone and with various VBR traffic patterns
Shiv Kalyanaraman, Raj Jain, Sonia Fahmy, Rohit Goyal, Jianping Jiang and Seong-Cheol Kim
Proc. IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'97)

An Active Proxy Based Architecture for TCP in Heterogeneous Variable Bandwidth Networks

Debojyoti Dutta, Yongguang Zhang
Globecom 2001

An Early Bandwidth Notification (EBN) Architecture for Dynamic Bandwidth Environment
Debojyoti Dutta, Yongguang Zhang

Improving the Performance of TCP over the ATM-UBR service

Rohit Goyal, Raj Jain, Shiv Kalyanaraman, Sonia Fahmy, Bobby Vandalore
Computer Communications, Vol. 21, No. 10, July 1998

UBR+: Improving Performance of TCP over ATM-UBR service
Rohit Goyal, Raj Jain, Shiv Kalyanaraman, Sonia Fahmy and Seong-Cheol Kim
Proc. IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'97)

TCP over High Speed Variable Capacity Links: A Simulation Study for Bandwidth Allocation
Henrik Abrahamsson, Olof Hagsand and Ian Marsh

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Congestion Control (theory)

Internet Congestion Control: An Analytical Perspective
S. Low, F. Paganini, J. Doyle
IEEE Control Systems Magazine , January 2002.

Congestion control for high performance, stability and fairness in general networks
F. Paganini, Z. Wang, J. Doyle, S. Low
to appear in IEEE Transactions on Networking.

Congestion Control in Computer Networks: Issues and Trends
R. Jain
IEEE Network, May 1990

Performance Analysis and Stochastic Stability of Congestion Control Protocols
Eitan Altman, Konstantin Avrachenkov, Arzad Kherani, Balakrishna Prabhi
Infocom 2005

Fairness in MIMD Congestion Control Algorithms
Eitan Altman, Konstantin Avrachenkov, Balakrishna Prabhi
Infocom 2005

See R. Srikant's publication pages on Congestion Control and Pricing for a Heterogeneous Internet

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Congestion Control (TCP, protocols)

Differential Congestion Notification: Taming the Elephants
L. Le, J. Aikat, K. Jeffay, D. Smith

ICNP 2004

A Report on Some Recent Developments in TCP Congestion Control
Sally Floyd
IEEE Comm. Mag. 2001

TCP Congestion Control (RFC 2581)

Explicit Transport Error Notification (ETEN) for Error-Prone Wireless and Satellite Networks
Rajesh Krishnan, James P.G. Sterbenz, Wesley M. Eddy, Craig Partridge, Mark Allman
Computer Networks, Oct. 2004

AdaVegas: Adaptive Control for TCP Vegas
Amir Maor, Yishay Mansour

Equation Based Congestion Control for Unicast Applications (TFRC)
Sally Floyd, Mark Handley, Jitendra Padhye, Jorg Widmer

Increasing TCP’s Initial Window (RFC 3390)

Recommendations on Queue Management and Congestion Avoidance in the Internet (RFC 2309)

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AQM & Buffers

JetMax: Scalable Max-Min Congestion Control for High-Speed Heterogeneous Networks
Yueping Zhang, Derek Leonard and Dmitri Loguinov
Infocom 2006

CHOKe: A stateless active queue management scheme for approximating fair bandwidth allocation
Rong Pan, Balaji Prabhakar, Konstantinos Psounis
Infocom 2000

Sizing Router Buffers
G. Appenzeller, I. Keslassy, N. McKeown
SigComm 2004

Effect of Large Buffers on TCP Queueing Behavior
Jinsheng Sun, Moshe Zukerman, King-Tim Ko, Guanrong Chen, Sammy Chan
Infocom 2004

Dual-resource TCP/AQM for processing-constrained Networks
M. Shin, S. Chong, I. Rhee
Infocom 2006 & IEEE TON

Stochastic Fair Blue: A Queue Management Algorithm for Enforcing Fairness
Wu-Chang Feng, Dilip D. Kandlur, Debanjan Saha, Kang G. Shin
Infocom 2001

On Designing Improved Controllers for AQM Routers Supporting TCP Flows
CV Hollot, Vishal Misra, Don Towsley and Wei-Bo Gong
Infocom 2001

Analysis and Design of Controllers for AQM Routers Supporting TCP Flows
CV Hollot, Vishal Misra, Don Towsley and Wei-Bo Gong
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 47(6), June 2002

Limit Behavior of ECN/RED Gateways Under a Large Number of TCP Flows
Peerapol Tinnakornsrisuphap, Armand M. Makowski

TCP Networks Stabilized by Buffer-Based AQMs

H. Han, C. V. Hollot, Y. Chait, V. Misra
Infocom 2004

A Robust Nonlinear PI Controller for Improving AQM Performance
XiaoLin Changa, Jogesh K. Muppalaa, Jen-te Yub
ICC 04

A new TCP/AQM for Stable Operation in Fast Networks

F. Paganini, Z. Wang, S. Low, J. Doyle
IEEE Infocom 2003.

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Transport protocols and congestion control in wireless sensor networks

Mitigating Congestion in Wireless Sensor Networks
Bret Hull, Kyle Jamieson, Hari Balakrishnan
ACM SenSys 2004

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Bandwidth Allocation

Bandwidth Allocation Policies for Unicast and Multicast Flows
A. Legout, J. Nonnenmacher and E. W. Biersack
Infocom 1999

An End-to-End QoS Framework with On-Demand Bandwidth Reconfiguration
Mei Yanga et al.
Infocom 2004

Dynamic LSP Provisioning in Overlay, Augmented, and Peer Architectures for IP/MPLS over WDM Networks
Sunggy Koo, Gokhan Sahin, and Suresh Subramaniam

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Links to other TCP related web pages (those not listed above)

If you have a web page where you compiled lots of TCP related links and you would like me to reference it, just mail me the URL and I'll be glad to add it.

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