The ACI GRID 2001 project on "Network support and intelligence for the grid"

Multicast packages

Active reliable multicast protocols and mechanisms

MFTP library implementing the DyRAM protocol

  • The tar.gz package of MFTP developped in the RNTL e-Toile project, supported by the ACI GRID
  • The user (.doc, .pdf) guide of MFTP

FEC encoding with a NACK oriented multicast protocols

  • A Java wrapper for the LDPC library developped by Vincent Roca's team (INRIA Planete, Grenoble, France).
  • A Java wrapper for the Reed-Solomon library developped by Luigi Rizzo (Univ. Pisa, Italy).
  • Some results from a study of integrating FEC in a NACK oriented multicast protocol (still under construction)