A Java wrapper for the Reed-Solomon library developped by Luigi Rizzo

FEC codes have been proposed for multicast communications to provide scalability mostly by reducing the amount of feedback traffic (RFC3453). Luigi Rizzo has developped a Reed-Solomon library that implement small block codec encoder/decoder in C++. This library can be found at http://info.iet.unipi.it/~luigi/vdm98/vdm980702.tgz.

In this page, we propose a Java wrapper that allows Java development of software using the C++ library. This wrapper has been developped by S. Dattrino as part of a practical project during his intership at the RESO/LIP laboratory (Dec 2003-Mar 2004). This library has been developped to be integrated into the DyRAM framework.

The wrapper is distributed under the LGPL policy. Please note that you still need the original C++ library (see above).