A Java wrapper for the LDPC library developped by Vincent Roca's team

FEC codes have been proposed for multicast communications to provide scalability mostly by reducing the amount of feedback traffic (RFC3453). Vincent Roca has developped the LDPC library that implement large block codec encoder/decoder in C++. This library can be found at http://www.inrialpes.fr/planete/people/roca/mcl/mcl.html.

In this page, we propose a Java wrapper that allows Java development of software using the C++ library. This wrapper has been developped by S. Dattrino as part of a practical project during his intership at the RESO/LIP laboratory (Dec 2003-Mar 2004). This library has been developped to be integrated into the DyRAM framework.

The wrapper is distributed under the LGPL policy. Please note that you still need the original C++ library (see above).

Change logs

- Add management for new type of codec (the TRIANGLE one)
- Correct problems of freeing memory (free pinned arrays)
- Improve memory management

- implementation by S. Dattrino