Wireless sensor network

research at LIUPPA


Installation tips

  1. Puce Installation tips for WaspMote sensor from Libelium (Linux, MacOSX, Windows)

  2. Puce Installing Arduino on Ubuntu

  3. Puce Installation guide for Linux+TinyOS 2.x for MicaZ and Imote2 sensor on a non-Linux host environment using VMWare

  4. Puce Another link with also many useful installation information

  5. Puce Installing the Imote2 builder-kit on Windows

  6. PuceWindows XP Professional SP2: install VisualStudio 2005 then VisualStudio 2005 SP1 and then . NET Micro 2.5 framework. Don’t install the .NET Micro 2.0 shipped with the sensors!

  7. PuceWindows Vista: look at the following post from Crossbow

  8. Puce Installing a Windows XP+cygwin+TinyOS programming environment


Student’s project

  1. Puce N. T. H. Vu, V. M. Nguyen, J. Casas, Univ Pau (Feb-May 2011): Multihop video transmission with Intel iMote2 and IBM400 camera board (report in french, web page with instruction, source code)

  2. Puce E. Alvarez and Y. Jimenez, Univ. Pau (Feb-May 2010): Video surveillance with iMote2 sensors (report in french, web page with instructions).

  3. Puce F. Delgado and C. Laborde, Univ. Pau (Feb-May 2010): Blip (ipv6) on MicaZ (report in french, web page in french).